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The fastest and most accurate way to:


  • Understand your competitors

  • Gauge reactions to marketing content

  • Evaluate products and services

  • Identify consumer motivations

  • Analyze employee engagement

It’s fast because the research process and respondent recruitment are automated

It’s accurate because the responses are revealed by deep brain neurophysiological mechanisms

And it’s cost-effective too!

Research Solutions

Products & Services

  • PRODUCT ATTRIBUTES Identifying and ranking significant product attributes and their impact on purchasing intent
  • PRICE Assessing the dynamics of price perceptions
  • DESIGN Evaluating product designs (existing and prototypes)
  • INNOVATION Evaluating new products for purchase intent

Brand & Communications

  • IMAGE Assessing the impact of communication and promotional activities on the brand image 
  • BRAND AUDIT & TRACKING Identifying and tracking key brand attributes and how they're impacted by communication activities
  • COMMUNICATIONS Evaluating creative content and the impact of its various elements on the overall perception

Market Context

  • COMPETITORS Understanding the competitive environment through the eyes of the customer
  • SHELF Facings assessments impact on consumer behavior and sales
  • TRENDS Identifying the impact of trends and technological, economic and political innovations

Business & Customer

  • CSI/CLI/NPS Measuring customer satisfaction and loyalty indices
  • BEHAVIOR Identifying the deep motivations which change people's market behavior
  • PROMO Assessing the impact of promotional activities on consumer behavior and brand image
  • VALUES Identifying audience values through psychographic segmentation

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