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How is the sample segmented?

The psychophysical technique we use:

1. Provides higher data accuracy with fewer respondents. According to ESOMAR data, calculation of a representative sample: 90-180 people per 1 million of the general population, compared with 600 people / 1 million with traditional methods of information collection.

2. Allows to remove the accepted restriction on the use of the same respondent "no more than once every three months". Because information is collected by reading involuntary micro-reactions, the same respondent can participate up to 10 times a month (confirmed by the NMSBA).

How is sample quality ensured?

Some respondents are cut off for psychophysiological parameters. There parameters were collected from an analysis of more than 110,000 experiments that identified brain mechanisms identical to those triggered in research. Also, the system uses a five-factor analysis within the study itself, comparing the results of those who passed with each other, with contol groups and with those who have already passed the study on the same "incentives". An active screening questionnaire additionally informs the system to admit or not admit a respondent to undergo a study.


How fast can the system conduct research?

Research speed is one of the advantages of the Celebrium-X system. The research itself is comparable in speed to the most advanced systems of classic online survey and takes from 1 to 3 days (in the absence of special requirements for segmentation). To speed up the process of forming a study, we have introduced a template of technical specifications with possible adjustments. The research is unloaded on the same day. Data processing takes 1-2 days.


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